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How To Make Fascinating and Animated Infographics?

How To Make Fascinating and Animated Infographics?

Creating an animated infographic in video ensures that your message is more dynamic and the data better remembered by your audience. We explain how to do it!

Do you need to present some key figures and charts to your management or the Board of Directors? Then, infographics will become your best ally! Indeed, infographics have become more and more popular on the Internet and social media. Nowadays, animated infographics have even become the most shared content on the Internet, thanks to the alliance between infographics and video.

Creating an effective animated infographic enables you to attract the attention of your audience while conveying your message clearly and quickly. However, you may feel that animated infographics are difficult to produce, especially if you don’t have a background in design. If that’s your case, don’t panic! This article will give all the tips you’ll need to create a stunning animated infographic.

What is an animated infographic?


In many companies, key information (e.g. sales objectives, market shares, statistics, financial statements…) is presented in the form of diagrams, curves, illustrations, tables, or images. However, these elements are often extremely complex and indigestible when they are presented during meetings. This is detrimental to your employees, as you lose their attention as the meeting passes by. Fortunately, the animated infographic will come to your rescue.

An animated infographic is a video containing animations and GIFs. But it can also come up as a presentation containing images, interactive elements, and motion graphics. Animated infographics are a playful format enabling to make complex information more understandable to their viewers in a few seconds. They allow you to put useful information in visuals. For this reason, animated infographics are the ideal content to be shared on social media.

Why should you use animated infographics?


Including animated infographics in your social media strategy is an excellent venture in the long run for your company. Indeed, the following key figures explain this fact:

  • A good infographic is shared 40 times more on social media than the other types of content,
  • 59% of executives prefer to watch videos that were shared with them, rather than reading a text,
  • 95% of a video message will be retained, compared to 10% of a text message,
  • 82% of Internet traffic will include video in 2023,
  • Email marketing campaigns including animated infographics have a better click rate than emails without images or animations.
    Animated infographics offer other multiple advantages. Indeed, thanks to this format, you can:
  • Create an educational training video to popularize complex or technical concepts in a playful way,
  • Present key figures with ease to your audience (e.g. the financial statements of your company),
  • Boost the engagement and visibility of your content on social media thanks to the video format,
  • Highlight the advantages of your product or service,
  • Create simple video tutorials to explain how your services work.

What formats of animated infographics can you use?


Animated infographics can be declined to infinity. Everything depends on your goals and the message you want to convey to your viewers. For instance, you can create:

  • simple static infographics that incorporate some visual (e.g. animated GIFs) or audio (sound effects, voiceovers) animation to capture your viewers’ attention,
  • infographics in cartoon-or animated film style to make complex information simple and fun,
  • interactive infographics to keep your viewers active like in a video game,
  • animated videos that integrate original sequences and animated illustrations to create an original format,
  • infographic tutorial to explain how your product or service works,
  • chronological presentation of your company or your project,
  • top 10 videos to combine educational and entertaining content,
  • whiteboard videos for your training clips.

As you can see, the potentialities of animated infographics are almost limitless.

10 Tips To Create an Unforgettable Animated Infographic With an Online Video Editor

Do you believe that you need to be an expert in design to create a successful animated infographic? Then, you’re wrong. But you must follow some rules to get what you want and convey the right message to your viewers. Here are some tips to help you create the animated infographic of your dreams.

Tip #1: Personalize your infographic

Your animated infographic must reflect your authenticity and your values. Consequently, you must include the colors of your graphic charter and not the colors of the templates. Moreover, you shouldn’t take back the content found in the media database.

Tip #2: Underline what must be retained by the audience

Before going deep in the design side, you must be certain of the key messages you will deliver in the infographic. Indeed, the animation will revolve around this key information that your viewers will retain. Indeed, the animation is at the service of the message, and not the other way around.
You can underline your key message in many ways, through:

  • rhythmic music,
  • dynamic visuals,
  • animations accompanying the key figures or the key messages,
  • sufficiently large font size to give a huge place to the key messages/key figures.
    To improve your animations, you can use a video montage tool with preconceived templates dedicated to infographics.

Tip #3: Organize your information

A good infographic must be properly organized, otherwise your viewers will jump from one element to the other. Therefore, your audience might be lost. That’s why you must favor well-aligned and adequately spaced frames. Thus, your message will be immediately more understandable.

Tip #4: Highlight your key figures, thanks to video maker

Any successful animated infographic includes statistics. However, before publishing them, you must be careful about the origin of the statistics you gather. Also, remember that your viewers won’t be interested in the details, but in the relevant key information you convey through statistics. Be synthetic as far as you can.

Tip #5: Simplify the information of the infographic

When you create an animated infographic, you must include compelling storytelling around your brand, your products and/or services. Therefore, it is essential to create a message to convey with the following illustrations:

  • images,
  • photographs,
  • graphics,
  • statistics,
  • texts.
    Also, the information must be simpler and more synthetic to your viewers. Therefore, you must explain each complex element briefly, with a diagram or a synonym.

Tip #6: Choose short video formats

With an animated infographic, you must remember to capture and keep the attention of your viewers. Consequently, we recommend you create short videos, with a maximum length of two minutes.

Tip #7: Put subtitles in your video

Integrate subtitles in your video to enable your viewers to watch it without the sound. This can help if they are in a crowded space or in public transportation. You can add a timeline as well to help your viewers follow your message.

Tip #8: Adapt your infographic for every support

If your animated infographic is too small, it will become impossible to read and won’t attract anyone. On the contrary, if it is too big, the animated infographic will also be complicated to view. Therefore, it will lose its potential audience.
Consequently, you must adapt your infographic and find the ideal dimensions, so that your message will be read on many supports such as:

  • computers,
  • smartphones,
  • tablet computers.

Tip #9: Write a compelling title for your animated infographic

A compelling title is essential to entice your viewers to be interested and see your content. That’s why you must take great care of your title for your animated infographic. The title of a good infographic has several characteristics:
· It genuinely describes the content of the infographic,
· It attracts the attention of your viewers and captivates them,
· It is short and understandable at a glance.

Tip #10: Make your animated infographic viral

If your animated infographic is stunning, it will be shared immediately on social media. Thus, it will have the potential to become viral. Consequently, you must think about optimizing your video, and highlight it with the adequate keywords. For instance, you may choose the best hashtags on social media to target a large audience.

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