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Online Video Editing Software For A Retrospective

Online Video Editing Software For A Retrospective

With easy-to-use video software, you can look back on the year, and announce the challenges of your company for the upcoming year.

What is a retrospective for your company? It’s a review of the past year, which you can do with online video editing software.

This video review is of course an opportunity to thank your customers, who have supported you, your employees, who have invested in you, and to project yourself into the future, into next year.

Why is the video retrospective increasingly being adopted by companies? Simply because it helps to write your story, to feed your storytelling. Think of yourself as more than a commercial enterprise, selling a product or a service: to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you also need to have a story to tell, to forge your identity, and to create a sense of closeness and even identification with your community.

Of course, we at Pitchy have played along with this retrospective video of 2021.
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Note that with an easy-to-use tool like Pitchy, you can make your own videos, without being a technical expert. Our video editor allows you to customise your audio, text, corporate images, transitions (we have a wide selection of transitions on Pitchy) and filters. In short, thanks to this simple interface, you will no longer need to go through expensive filming agencies.

Essential elements to include in your corporate retrospective videos, thanks to our features

As you can see in the video example above, this is a simplified retrospective, a type of video, very short, ideal for your communication on social networks for example.

But even if you are concise, you cannot miss some elements.

Highlights and success stories in your videos

online video editor success stories

In this section, you should answer the following question: What was your greatest success, or successes, in the past year?

Did you manage to conquer new markets? Did you sign any important partnerships? Did you redesign your website to improve the customer experience? Have you developed your product or service to stand out from the competition and become more efficient?

Remembering your success stories does not mean getting stuck in nostalgia, or sleeping on your successes without looking to the future. This chapter on success stories should make people aware of how far you have come: that despite the health crisis the world is going through, you have continued to develop and showcase your skills. Through video, you also maintain the link with your community, should further periods of confinement (or restrictions) come.

Memorable events in your videos made with video editor and lightworks

Firstly, and given the context, the return to the face-to-face office for your teams can be considered a milestone: this was the case for us from spring 2021.

Have you had the opportunity to meet some of your clients? Or canvass prospects around a stand at a trade fair?

Internally: Have you had elections for your employees’ representatives? Have you organised team-building seminars to strengthen the cohesion between your employees?

Talking about your events also means telling your story: it means highlighting the moments during which you meet your community, but also what you do to strengthen team cohesion.

Key figures in your video, thanks to video editor, at a reasonable price

Have you hired many people this year? If so, it’s a sign that your company is growing and developing, so it’s worth remembering.

How many new customers have you approached? In how many countries? In new countries? Emphasise these key information with lightworks.

With video editor, you can also send more human retrospective videos to your customers and prospects

These are perfect videos for youtube. This content, in the form of an imovie, is more creative. Here, it is a question of putting more human beings in the picture, by having your employees testify. The content remains quite similar: you will talk about your successes of the year, and the challenges that await you. But a message directly transmitted by your teams will be more powerful, and above all warmer.

Here, Laura, our Client Success Manager in charge of international operations, gives you a retrospective on 2021:





Would you also like to make a retrospective video on your social media, through an imovie made with the best advanced tools? It is now possible thanks to our online video editor, with incredible features for your imvovie, such as watermark, lightworks, templates, themes, specifications, titles, timeline, downloads and other effects and more features. In adition, on movie maker Pitchy (available on windows), you will also have the ability to download your own images, logo, clips and footage. In addition to our platform, we also have a mobile app you can download.
Video editing is easy with the device Pitchy, at a reasonable price, better than vimeo, clipchamp, fun veed or shotcut or openshot to edit your content for your social media! Ask for a demo to discover the Pitchy tool.

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