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4 Tips to Create Impactful Employer Branding Videos

4 Tips to Create Impactful Employer Branding Videos

Learn the secrets to crafting powerful employer brand videos in this blog article, to make awesome employer brand videos!

As many companies want to attract top talent to hire, they use innovative ways to do so. Indeed, they need to stand out from their competitors and promote themselves as the best employer to new hires.

Consequently, in our increasingly visual era, companies rely more on employer branding videos. Indeed, these videos have been proven to be a great tool to show that they have a strong employer brand. According to CareerBuilder, job postings including a recruitment video were viewed 12% more than those without video. Also, they received on average a 34% greater application rate.

Therefore, employer branding videos have become an important recruitment tool in HR in their strategy to attract more candidates. However, if you are not used to creating such videos, you shouldn’t worry. In this article, we will guide you to create impactful employer branding videos to help you achieve your HR goals.

What is an employer branding video?

An employer branding video aims to give an inside glimpse into companies. It shows what it’s like to work for your company and tells real-life employee stories to inspire potential new hires. Thus, they intend to build a high level of trust with candidates.
Moreover, the employer branding video can be a key part of your recruitment process because candidates will get a better understanding of what your company stands for. They will have a deeper insight in your values, your corporate culture, your CSR strategy, and your goals. Thus, they will consciously decide if they are a good fit for your company.

4 useful tips to produce effective employee branding video

If you want to use video in your recruitment process, there are important tips to follow to achieve your goals and reach your target audience.

Tip #1: Know your audience

When you want to communicate about your company, you need to know who your target audience is. Indeed, this tip will enable you to define what candidates can take away from the content of your video. Moreover, this tip will also help you define how you will grab their attention. Whether you use humour, curiosity, or unusual take on a topic, knowing your audience will help you promote your narrative as an effective employer.

Tip #2: Be transparent about your company’s culture

What makes you unique? What makes you an employer standing out from your competitors? Creating an employer branding video will help you answer these questions to potential candidates. Indeed, it will help you highlight your strengths, and show what makes you different from other companies. Through this video, you can show what makes you the best employer for potential new hires.

Tip #3: Focus on the stories of your current employees

Who is better to speak to future employees than your current ones? Hearing about the personal stories of your current employees can help candidates get a better understanding of your company’s culture and habits. Moreover, they will decide if they are a good fit for your company more easily by watching someone who is in the same position they are aiming at. Show the different roles in each team.

Tip #4: Use an effective video maker to produce your video

If you are a beginner in producing videos, you will need a video maker to help you in your endeavours. Why? Because video makers enable you to be quickly up and running, making the video production process easier. You can choose pre-built templates, produce, and edit your videos according to your goals.

Get inspired by great examples of employer branding videos

What are the main components of compelling and effective employer branding videos? You have three main ingredients:

· They focus on what makes the company unique, i.e. its core values, culture, mission, and goals
· They give an authentic and visually appealing experience to their viewers
· They are transparent about the company’s culture and provide sincere insights on employee stories
You will find some examples of great employer branding videos below.

Example #1: Deutsche Bank’s graduate scheme

In this recruitment video, you will get an inside look into various roles within the bank, as well as the responsibilities attached to them. This video is very interesting because it gives a personalised insight into the bank’s jobs. Thus, potential candidates know what to expect if they apply for the graduate programme.

Example #2: Intel


This recruitment video bets on insider jokes that only IT and maths experts do. They create great relationships and build trust with their viewers because they speak the same language as their target audience. Also, Intel focuses on top professionals having the same experience and skills as their viewers.

Example #3: King

Known for its popular game Candy Crush, King has a powerful visual identity. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that they offer a colourful and vibrant working experience in this video. Moreover, throughout the video, you will find core themes in King’s corporate culture: employees’ autonomy, and the fun they have while working. Thus, a potential candidate can expect to work in an environment that is colourful, fun, relaxed, and offers freedom of action.

Example #4: Apple

We guess you are not surprised to see Apple on our list. Though this video is a little long, you know by the first minute what Apple looks for in its future employees. And they just want the best ones. This video does not offer distractions in food, humour, or games. Instead, it is straight to the point to let you know the culture of excellence of Apple.

Example #5: Nike’s video for new interns


In this video, Nike uses a simple but effective method: current interns speaking to future interns. They talk about what attracted them to the company, and what a typical workday looks like for them. What can be taken from this video is that future interns need to have a passion for sports to thrive in this company.

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