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Event Promo Video: 5 great examples

Event Promo Video: 5 great examples

If you work in the event industry and need to advertise in video, here are some examples to inspire you.


Events are back in business (on-site events, not virtual events), and video can create conversion for your brand or company, with affordable rates, and thanks to a web video editor! With the current health situation gradually improving, many companies (and their marketing/communication teams) want to communicate on their upcoming events by filming and recording. This content of event video production with small budget can include :

  • Concerts,
  • Festivals,
  • Conferences on a specific topic,
  • Speeches,
  • Seminars,
  • Internal corporate events,
  • etc…

The event promo video, if it is a teaser, must be a foretaste of your event, and give the best experience to the viewer. This video marketing (or promotional video) must reveal the tone, the atmosphere, and above all, what you promise to visitors and exhibitors. For example, meeting the biggest companies in the aeronautic industry, seeing the best artists of the moment in concert, etc. Event videos might also be recordings made after the event, as retrospectives.

Remember that your future participants are constantly seeing video content and other clips, whether it’s on social media or elsewhere. Yours must therefore stand out. The same goes for event videos made after the event. It is a good way to thank your audience and participants. Here are some original examples to inspire you.

And now, these videos can me made thanks to an online video editor, easy-to-use. Read our article about how to choose the right video maker for your company.

#1 Delta festival in Marseille, 2020 edition

The Delta festival is a good example of one of the biggest festivals in Marseille. It usually takes place in September on the emblematic Prado beaches.

Why does it work? First of all, the humorous side. This audiovisual production begins with a book opening itself, like in a story meant for children. There’s Marseille on the map of France, before moving on to video sequences, accompanied by a frenzied music, reflecting the young and electric atmosphere of the festival. All of this is accompanied by video footage filmed by the audience, or by drone. Even if you don’t participate in the event, the teaser itself is already a visual and auditory experience!

Another key point: include French subtitles to keep the audience initiated, and the voice-over in English, to welcome an international audience, and to give a Hollywood movie trailer feel 😉

#2 Solidays, 2019 edition

Solidays is one of the most famous music festivals in France. Its aim is to raise money to finance research to find a cure against AIDS.

Why does it work? Here, the festival is all about emotion. There is almost no text, except the redirection to the website for registration.

The message is clear: if you close your eyes, you can already imagine yourself at the concert, in the middle of the frenzied crowd. Ah, the good times before Covid ;). This original creation can also be watched without sound, thanks to the impressive choreography.

#3 My first festival, 2020 edition

Produced by the association Enfances au cinéma, and initiated by the Paris City Council, Mon premier festival is aimed at children from the age of 2, to offer them a selection of youth programs. These can include recent animated films, or older cinema classics.

Why does it work? The aim is twofold if you are being watched by young children: to attract attention and to make them dream. From the start, the teaser shows an atypical visual, and gives the dates to the interested parents. Then, it goes on to mixed film and cartoon sequences, creating an exciting dynamic, all set to rhythmic music.

#4 Vivatech, 2021 edition

Known as “Europe’s high mass of innovation”, Vivatech no longer needs an introduction. It invites attendees, investors, digital entrepreneurs and other experts from all over the world to check the new discoveries, and future technological projects.

Why does it work? Here, the focus is on speed, and is known as “snack content“. Snack content:

  • is easily consumable on social networks,
  • adopts social network codes (ubiquitous emojis),
  • is a video that can be viewed without sound,
  • entices images of innovation,
  • is a real questioning about the world of tomorrow,
  • and finally, for those who are interested and have watched the video to the end, the practical information (dates and registration).

#5 Pitchy event retrospective (thank you, infographics…) an online video maker for companies

For retrospectives, in report mode, we might as well keep it as simple as possible. Here, Pitchy (who provides a video editing website for companies) wanted to thank the guests who came to the Start-up Day 2020.

To do this, nothing simpler than linking a few video sequences on the online video editing software, as well as key ideas in the form of scrolling words (very easy to do with the Twist template). The objective is to show:

  • the human element, to insist on the fact that there were people there,
  • to emphasise on the number of guests,
  • the represented jobs,
  • to talk about the day’s schedule,
  • and, above all, to thank the participants 😉

You want to announce a next event (on-site events or virtual events) using video ads, and make it yourself? To make your own version? Your customers, influencers and larger target audience are excited and are expecting video promotion to reach your goal and communicate about important speakers if needed. We hope that this list, these examples helped you as tips to make several videos, create your best practices, with an event video, several teasers, and maybe a testimonial video (or infographics) as a retrospective. Ask for a demo of the Pitchy online video editing software,to check our offers and edit stunning videos on youtube for your nex event (better than your competitors) without being professionals or designer 🙂

Alexandre Leclere
Creation date 18/03/2019


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