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Use Video To Increase The Impact Of Your Event

Use Video To Increase The Impact Of Your Event

In the digital age, the communication mix supporting your event strategy is just as important as the success of your event on D-Day. In this mix, video can be used in many ways to support your events, advertise them and make them last. Event videos are thus the keystone of your communication, because they allow you to create a visitor experience and engage your public in the long term.

Video can therefore support the following event goals:

  • announcing a partnership, a new positioning, a strategic change;
  • presenting a product, service or offer;
  • communicating on the inauguration of a new site, promoting a
  • subsidiary, etc.;
  • thanking your audiences and the public for coming to the event and
  • building loyalty;
  • increasing brand awareness and boosting your presence on social
  • networks;
  • communicating about your highlights through dedicated newsletters;
  • enticing people to come;
  • boosting your company’s image.

Prepare your communication before the event and learn how to “tease”

Before the event, consider establishing a schedule including the messages for each distribution channel that will be used for your event communication (social networks, site, video hosting platform, blog, emails). Remember that the idea is to create a guest experience and engage your audiences before, during and after D-Day. These videos will reflect your brand, your positioning, your added value.

Before your event, we recommend several video formats for engaging your audience:

  • A teaser video of the upcoming event: in this case, the videos can be short and only relate to a specific topic: the organiser’s announcement reviewing one of the highlights of the event or its positioning; presentation of guests, programme announcement, etc. For this format, you can also choose to recycle your after-movie/ retrospective video by changing some parts to announce the next event;
  • A video interview with an expert, partner, client or sponsor on the reasons for his/her participation;
  • A generic or customised video invitation;
  • All of your display videos that enhance your stand and inform the visitor;
  • A showreel (effective and well-paced demo video) or a video presentation/ demo if you are participating in a workshop or a conference at a professional event.

What plan to implement on D-Day

If you don’t have a community manager, make sure the highlights are broadcast live. Also be sure to relay key messages on social networks.

Think about live streaming to bring your event to life online. One good practice when using social networks for live streaming is to have the audience and guests interact based on posted comments or audience interactions.

Note: just before the event starts, determine a location for your interviews and the different illustration shots. Make sure to anticipate all your post-event formats in terms of video recordings. Make the most out of your live streaming and interviews. Remember that at the end of your event, you need to have recorded enough video material to use it in different formats: a thank you/retrospective video, a teaser of your next event, etc.

How to bring the event to life after it has ended

We recommend the following formats:

After-movie/retrospective video: this type of video includes the following information: highlights, renowned speakers, number of visitors. In this case, think about the timing of their distribution. You should strike while the iron is hot. Ideally, consider communicating the day after your event ends.

Newsletter video: in this format, you can shoot expert interviews, replay and recap videos as well as webcasts of a presentation or round table. In this case, you should establish an editorial schedule that allows you to connect the two events. Then consider speeding up your communication and posts when you think it’s time for a teaser on your future event.

Thank-you video for your customers and partners are always appropriate. Sending an email is the least you can do. Video shows greater appreciation.

Alexandre Leclere
Creation date 18/03/2019


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