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Newsletter Video To Boost Your Engagement

Newsletter Video To Boost Your Engagement

Newsletter video is the secret to getting people to click on the subject of your email, and to better remember your messages.

Nowadays, employees and consumers are drowned by numerous prospection emails that they don’t necessarily open. Worse, they can even throw them in the trash. This is an issue for the communication strategy of marketers and other businesses. How can this be explained? Because email marketing has become more and more essential during this digital era.

The main goal for marketers and companies is to separate themselves from the crowd by boosting their opening and engagement rates. One of the best ways to do so is to use a newsletter video whenever you send your promotional emails to your audience. Indeed, according to MarTech Advisor, adding video in your newsletters and emailing campaigns increase the click rate up to 300%.

Do you want to use video newsletters in your emailing strategy but don’t know where to start? If this is your case, this article is for you.

Why should you use a video newsletter in your communication strategy?

Video newsletters offer numerous benefits for your communication strategy, whether you want to build your brand or attract more visitors. Let’s see why you should invest your time and your creativity in them.

Video newsletter helps you to build your brand

Video helps you to design memorable storytelling because your message is easily retained by your audience. Therefore, your brand also becomes more desirable in the process, especially if you personalize the video to suit your viewers’ needs. Indeed, 82% of users watch a personalized video until the end, against 38% for a classic video.

Moreover, you can highlight your business culture to your audience and introduce the state of mind of your employees.

In any case, through image, you can introduce the key messages that you want to convey to your audience. Many reports have shown that videos are more palatable to your subscribers: 95% of a video message is retained by the viewers, compared to only 10% for a text message.

Video newsletter implies a higher click-through rate

According to many reports, emails with video have higher engagement and click-through rates:

Video increases the decision to purchase a product by 97%
The click-through rate increases by 65% if the word “video” is present in the subject of the email
73% of B2B professionals noticed the positive impact of video marketing in their ROI
Emails including the words “video” or a call-to-action like “watch a video” are more likely to be opened by your subscribers

Video attracts visitors to your website

Video newsletters can drive more traffic to your website since your subscribers are more likely to go through the content of your website. Therefore, you can boost your SEO rankings and your sales at the same time.

5 Popular examples of video to integrate in your newsletters

Corporate films and updates

The goal of this video is to inform your subscribers about everything new that happens in your company. This includes the latest job openings, interviews of your employees, new awards, financial news, or any information that your audience can be interested in.

Testimonial videos

Testimonials from your customers are a great way to increase your sales. Also, video testimonials make your products and services more relatable to your audience, as they see real human beings share their experience. However, if you decide to send testimonial videos, make sure to segment your audience and to send them only to your prospects, as your existing clients are really satisfied with your products.

Product presentations

A well-executed video presenting your product can deliver an impactful message to your audience regarding your company and your brand. Including it in your newsletters will increase purchasing decisions, while using a punchy communication tool.

FAQ guide

If your clients have some difficulties to use your products, including an FAQ video in your newsletters can be useful for them. Your viewers easily retain your video FAQ guide than a text which can become boring very quickly. Moreover, since it comes in an emailing campaign, they can save it to consult it later if need be.

Backstage videos

With this video, you show your members that you have human values and that you are not machines. Backstage videos are an excellent tool to create a bond with your audience, and to retain them. They include the manufacture of your products, interviews of employees of different departments, or employee onboarding videos. Don’t hesitate to involve your employees more often to make your videos more engaging.

Events follow-up

Did you have a recent successful event in your company? Then, you can include a video to promote the event and to encourage people to come to the next event. This shows that your company is active and impels click-to-actions from your members, potential donors, or customers.

How to add a video in your emailing campaigns

First, you must know that you cannot add a video file (i.e., an mp4 file) in an e-newsletter. However, there are some tips you can use to circumvent this problem.

Method #1: Include a video screenshot in your newsletter

Once you create your video and host it on a platform like YouTube, you can make a screenshot of the video. Thus, you will have a thumbnail that you can insert in your email, while adding your link to the video in your call-to-action.

Also, you can use the following tips:
ensure that your screenshot shows the “Play” sign, so that your subscribers understand immediately that the image refers to a video
choose the right moment to stop on to encourage your audience to click on your call-to-action
don’t hesitate to add animated gifs on the click-to-action to make them funnier and relatable to the audience

Method #2: Add an HTML5 file in your newsletter

This method is more complex, and you must have some advanced IT skills to use it. HTML5 file enables you to insert your video in the background of your email. However, few mailboxes can host HTML5 file. Consequently, it can create frustration in your subscribers because all of them will not be able to open the video. You will be forced to present other options in your newsletter.

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