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Why Is Video Newsletter the Future Of Newsletter?

Why Is Video Newsletter the Future Of Newsletter?

Nowadays, video content is increasingly present in the newsletters sent out by companies. Why this trend? We tell you all about it.

Text-based newsletters are dead.

Though they have been an essential tool to communicate with clients and employees, text-based newsletters are currently being outdated. Instead, video newsletters are more and more used by companies and marketers to engage their target audience. Why? Because they are easily memorized and have more impact on the ROI of both B2B and B2C companies.

Therefore, unlike classic newsletters, video newsletters (that you can made with an online video editor) have several benefits that you can harness for your email marketing strategy. Indeed, you can use them in many marketing instances. This article explains everything you need to know about the use of a video newsletter for your content marketing goals.

What is a video newsletter?

The definition of a video newsletter is quite simple, so you won’t be lost in translation. It’s the process of transforming a bland text-based newsletter that nobody reads into a captivating newsletter filled with high-quality personalized video content.

Why should you use video newsletters in your content strategy?

Using a video newsletter has several benefits for the image of your company, your brand, as well as your conversion rates. Let’s examine all of them below.

Video newsletters made with a video creator builds trust with your audience

When you include video in your newsletter, you can be sure that your message will be better memorized than text. Indeed, people memorized 95% of a message delivered by video vs. 10% by text.

Also, as you show your personality, your brand will become more desirable for your customers. You will show them your human side by conveying emotions better than you will ever do with text. Thus, video newsletters will always be a winning move, especially if your goal involves the improvement of your image.

For example, you can show your clients or your teams to insist on the human side of your business. You’re not only a machine, but you’re also a team of people working together. And video is the perfect medium to convey this type of message to your audience.

Video newsletters have better conversion rates

According to many studies, adding video in your marketing emails boosts your click rates up to 300%. Moreover, emails including the word “video” or a clear call-to-action such as “watch a video” in the subject lines are more likely to be opened. If you want to boost your conversion rates with your target audience, video newsletters are just the tools you need.

Video newsletters stimulate visits to your website

Do you want to increase traffic to your website with ease? Then, you should consider using video newsletters. And don’t hesitate to use your creativity to send engaging and personalized videos to your audience. For example, you may add useful infographics to enliven your newsletters.

Indeed, they will incite your target audience to spend more time exploring the content of your website. Consequently, video newsletters are very useful to boost your SEO ranking on search engines, and your sales by extension.

What are the most successful video formats in a video newsletter?

Client testimonial video

Testimonial videos are a great way to increase the sales of your company. They also boost the profile and the legitimacy of your company, especially if your videos show prestigious clients.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t think twice when adding testimonials of satisfied clients who have used your product or service. However, you must ensure that your audience is perfectly segmented and that only the relevant prospects receive your testimonials.

Moreover, the placement of your testimonial video in your newsletter is important. When you place it at the bottom of your newsletter, you can craft your storytelling at ease. Also, you can inspire your audience to take action and order your products, depending on your marketing goals.

Retrospective of the year video

Inserting this video in your newsletter will enable you to thank your customers while telling your story and asserting your new goals for the next year.

New product launch video

This video will introduce your new product, including its benefits, features, and other functionalities. It will be useful in your video newsletter because your customers will be informed of the update of your company. That’s why this kind of video must be put at the top of your newsletter, just after the intro. However, be careful not to brag too much about your new product, as your audience can perceive it as arrogance.

Teaser video

The teaser is very useful to announce an event and to entice your audience to meet you there. You can put it at the top of your newsletter, especially if the event is extremely important: seminar, annual convention…

Event retrospective video

Did you have a successful event that you want to share with your audience? Then, an event retrospective video must have a special place in your video newsletter. Indeed, it enables you to thank your audience and entice the absent to come at the next edition. Don’t hesitate to put it at the top or the middle of your newsletter.

Useful Tips When Using Video Newsletters

How long should your newsletter video be?

The length of your video depends on your marketing goals and the audience you want to reach. However, you must be aware that the attention span of viewers decreases more and more, due to the Internet being crowded with lots of videos.

Also, research shows that over 60% of viewers watch business-related video right to the end when they last less than 60 seconds, but only 26% watch a video until the end if it lasts more than 20 minutes.

Consequently, the best newsletter videos last between 1 and 2 minutes, as most social media videos do have this length pattern. To monitor your results, you can use video analytics to find out your mistakes and edit your video accordingly.

How do you insert a video in your newsletter?

You can use video files in your newsletter templates in multiple ways. You can turn the video into a GIF or embed it into the email itself.

If your customers use email clients such as Outlook or Apple Mail, you can embed your video using HTML5. However, if your customers use Gmail or other email clients not supporting email embedding, use an image with the play button. Then, add the video link to your image. If your video doesn’t include sound, you can turn your video into an animated GIF.

However, don’t simply upload a video or paste a link to video. This will raise suspicions about the quality of your files and links. And that’s email marketing gone wrong!

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