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How to Choose Your Online Video Editing Software?

How to Choose Your Online Video Editing Software?

However, to create attractive and effective videos, companies and marketers need to have the right tools, including video editors. We help you to choose here.

Video has become a powerful marketing tool for companies. Indeed, according to a survey carried out by Wyzowl in 2021, 86% of marketing professionals use video in their digital marketing strategy. Video is also the ideal medium to attract viewers on social media to talk about your products and services, with or without audio or any specifications.

However, to create attractive and effective imovie, companies and marketers need to have the right tools, including online video editing software. It will enable you to take care of your visual identity and convey your message in the best conditions. This article will explain what you need to choose the best video editing software for you. The best program!

Why should you edit your videos with online video editing software?

Editing your videos enable your creative teams to take control on the process of creation of your videos. Thus, you will be able to convey your message in your timing, with the right images, effects, and filters. You will deliver your content in an attractive video that your viewers will enjoy and share on social media or other platforms.

6 criteria to choose your video editing software for your project

online video editing software criteria

There are several criteria that should take into account to choose the right online video editing software.

Your software should be accessible and easy-to-use

You must ensure that your software is easy-to-use and make room for customization and specifications. This includes that your video editing software has roam capability to create high-quality and professional-level videos. Your software must be intuitive and oriented to make the most of your user experience.

Your software could also include an additional app.

Your online video editing software should be team-friendly

You must get a video editing software that allows you to collaborate with your creative teams more easily. You must also choose a platform where all your processes will be streamlined and where your teams will be able to upload any assets they want.

Your software should include your own media

Your video editing software should enable you to leverage your own library of media, such as your own pictures, to build the content that you want. Don’t hesitate to choose a video editor with pre-loaded media assets which will serve your needs and your communications strategy.

Your online video editing software should offer automation features and other specifications

When you edit your videos, you need to get a certain level of automation to make sure that your videos meet your standards. Automation will ease your creation process and help you to save your time, your budget, and your efforts.

You should particularly look up for the following automation features:

Features for predictive styling to predict the style of each scene based on the edits you’ve already made on previous scenes

Text-to-video workflow to build your video storyboard based on the text you have crafted,


Single-click conversions to different formats,

Other specifications.

Your software should enable you to create different formats with specifications

The time where the only available video format was the landscape format is gone. Nowadays, video is watched everywhere, on social media as well as dedicated platforms.

Therefore, you should choose a video editor which enable you to create videos in the form and function of the environment where they will be posted. Your video editor should include the landscape, square, and vertical formats.

Your video editor should also include ready-to-use video formats for the messages you want to convey: interviews, teasers, product presentations, promotions, or end-of-year wishes.

Your online video editing software should include custom branding capabilities

Whatever the templates you may use, your video editing software must offer the ability to implement your visual identity in your videos. You must be able some adjustments in your videos such as your brand colors, your logo, your fonts, and your branded intros and outros. Thus, you will be able to create attractive videos while being consistent with your brand, your own style, and your key messages.

Choose Pitchy today to edit your videos at a good price with simple movie maker

Do you want an online video editing software that enables you to create high-quality videos adapted to your digital strategy, with lightworks, your own images (and files), footage and transitions? Are you looking for a simple interface? If this is your case, Pitchy can help you. We offer you a video editing service with complete capabilities, at a reasonable price.

Among Pitchy’s incredible features, watermark, titles, timeline, themes, lightworks (and other specifications and more features), you will have customer success managers to accompany you step by step in your creation process for your upcoming clips. If you are interested in our product, feel free to to ask for a “premiere”, a demo to show you.

In addition to that, you can download our mobile app, for a premiere of your imovie! Better than vimeo or flexclip! Adevice with advanced tools to make perfect videos for youtube. No downside with the final downloads, promise 😉

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