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Make Successful Video Infographics

Make Successful Video Infographics

Making video infographics is an opportunity to summarise your message and make it understandable, using video and animation. Here's our advice.

Numbers can’t speak for themselves, and data sets – no matter their scale – are still objects of human design” – Kate Crawford.

The quote above really underlines the importance of infographic videos, as far as data presentations are concerned. Indeed, unless your targeted viewers are used to reading academic papers, they will be bored with dealing with lots of text.
Consequently, the infographic video is a type of data visualization that is extremely effective while being visually attractive as well. As many companies have understood this fact, they use more infographic videos in their business presentations to gather images, data, graphs, charts, and other elements in an appealing manner to their audience.

However, infographic videos can be challenging to create, especially if you are a beginner. But this is not true anymore, especially if you have an infographic video maker to help you. This article will give all the tips you need to master to make successful infographic videos.

Why make an infographic video?

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An infographic video is the improved version of static infographics. Generally, viewers are more attracted to data gathered in a good infographic than a blog text. Moreover, people also tend to pay more attention to information-carrying images. However, video takes infographics to another level because of their compelling quality and their ability to capture the attention of an audience.

Below are some reasons why you should make an infographic video:

To simplify complex information

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Have you ever tried to read a presentation full of statistics, charts, and graphs? Then, you must know that the key information is often difficult to understand and to grasp for anyone. Consequently, an infographic video is beneficial for your business if you want to simplify your data presentations. Indeed, you will attract the attention of your viewers better with relevant images and less text.

For improved metrics

Infographic videos enable you to walk your audience through the data you are presenting them, step by step. From the initial research to the details of your findings, you will entice your audience more easily with improved metrics.

To increase credibility

Infographic videos help you present clear and specific data in a visually attractive manner. Therefore, they will help you establish your authority and credibility on your target audience about the specific topic you are dealing with.

To look great for attracting new fans and followers

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Videos have the highest engagement rate on social media, compared to other content formats, such as text or static images. Therefore, infographic videos will be the ideal format to attract new fans and followers on your page, while giving them informative and educational content.

What are the steps to make a good infographic video?

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Do you believe that you must be a creative genius to make a good infographic video? Then, you’re wrong! In fact, it’s even the opposite that is true, especially if you have an infographic video maker to assist you. All you need is to follow the following steps, and you will get the video infographic you need to impress your audience.

Step #1: Define your objective and message

Before making your infographic video, you must have a clear purpose in mind concerning your goals and the message you want to convey. For instance, your goals may be the following:
· Increase the traffic towards your website,
· Convert prospects into customers,
· Boost your social media engagement rate,
· Enhance your brand with leading content.
Having clear goals will help you craft your data and your message to create maximum impact on your audience.

Step #2: Research and gather information

This step is crucial because you must take time to gather your data and organize them in an understandable manner, so that your viewers will not be confused. Your data could come from:

· Primary research: interviews, surveys, focus groups, business reports and analyses,
· Secondary research: industry reports, competitor content and other third party research.
Once you have organized your information, you must determine where your audience must focus the most from the three following questions:
· What’s the key message you want to convey to your audience?
· What do you want your audience to leave knowing while watching your infographic video?
· Which results do you want your audience to focus on?

Step #3: Storyboarding and scriptwriting

Writing your script and storyboard will help you determine the plot of your infographic video. At this step, you will plan how your video will start, progress, and end. Also, you must ensure that you don’t miss any key information. The main video elements to plan are especially the following:

· Your call to action according to your marketing goals,
· The brand guidelines you need to follow such as the logo, colors, text font…
· The need of subtitles and/or translations in multiple languages,
· The length of your infographic video.

Step #4: Design and visual elements

This stage enables you to insert a graphic coherence according to the brand guidelines you defined at the previous step. You may impose your visual identity with templates and a color code that is specific to your brand.

Step #5: Motion graphics and animations

Motion graphics and animations allow you to be creative with content that would be boring otherwise. Indeed, they bring your videos to life and help explain abstract concepts easily. You can choose your motion graphics and animations from the library of your infographic maker or import your own.

Step #6: Voiceover and audio

Audio is a wonderful reinforcement to your infographic video because it enables different types of viewers to learn more easily, especially when they are more auditive. Don’t hesitate to record your voice-over to enhance the professional side of your infographic video.

Step #7: Video editing and production

Use video editing software such as Pitchy to bring together all the elements of your infographic video. Arrange the visuals, text, animations, voiceover, and audio in a cohesive manner. Trim and adjust the timing as needed to maintain a smooth flow.

Step #8: Review and feedback

Once the video is complete, review it thoroughly to check for any errors, inconsistencies, or areas that need improvement. Seek feedback from colleagues, friends, or target audience members to gain different perspectives and make necessary revisions.

Step #9: Export and distribution

Export your infographic video in a suitable format and resolution for your intended platform. Consider optimizing it for different screen sizes and devices. Determine the appropriate channels for sharing and distributing your video, such as your website, social media platforms, or presentations.

Ready to create your first infographic video? Contact us

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Do you want to create stunning infographic videos that will appeal to your audience immediately? Looking for a wonderful software for non-designers? Then, Pitchy is the right tool for you! Our infographic video maker contains features and templates to help you start fulfilling your marketing goals. If you’re interested in our services and want to see more infographic examples, beautiful infographics with high-quality, and easy to make (with no need to be an infographic designer), feel free to ask for a demo.

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